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Krauts With Attitude

Da hier mehrere Acts mitgewirkt haben,
sind hier natürlich nur die Tracks von und mit STOD aufgeführt.
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Krauts With Attitude

Track Titel


Better World Erster deutscher Hip Hop Sampler
und erste Veröffentlichung von STOD.
Damals noch in englisch.
Die Band bestand noch aus:
Ben, Phil, Crash (jetzt Such A Surge),
P Abu K, DJ Hi Tec und Rapperin Juli D

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Text zu: "Better World"

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Juli D:

Yeah, we're out of here so I go on my show and I'm watching on
so the world I see it like it is it isn't so good but this is a better world
Juli is my name crazy in the head speechless for this game yo,
I often ask me whome to blame for what I don't exactly know
We're all.

P Abu K:

Brothers and sisters on the way to hype the world the world of
destruction and hate come on it's too late but I like to
dance and roughin' around yeah that's what I did
"Ha and do"
and I'm ready to do it again I found my love and I give it to
you my peace last forever


Early in the morning I open my eyes I listen to the news and
the political lies I can't understand what's going on it's
not easy to see what's right or wrong everybody's confused what
to do and what the the world is coming to transformation is the
thing I do you do not understand so I explain it to you what
I try to do: think positive hate is what I take and love is
what I give yeah that's it you got it word, let's create a better world

Phil I P:

Please tell me how should a grown up live faced with the
armamentrace from the USSR and the USA disarm ya'll we're on the way
Here it is, ha, my part of the show I'm Phil I P and this is
what I know there was no time without a war at the planet earth
"We don't want more"
Why can't people live together in peace love and unity yo crazy
it's for me but I take a stand confusion in the world by the
boys and the girls about the armament but the thing is cureld


Don't try to fight black man or white we don't need a leader
like Hitler to fight civilization the communication that's what
I want not a provocation I say stop the violence yes boy or
girl yo that's a preview for a better world

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